Your Business Needs a Blog; Here's How to Start One

It’s 2021! If your business doesn’t have a blog, then it is high time you began looking into starting one. Here’s the good news: it has never been easier to start a blog, and every year more technology comes out to make it even easier and user-friendly. The bad news: the market is oversaturated. It takes more than typing away at your keyboard to have a successful blog. But don’t worry, keep reading to see how you can easily begin a successful blog for your business this year.

Why Does Your Business Need a Blog?

Content marketing is King and Queen when it comes to boosting brand awareness and selling your product/services. Customers love brands that can tell a story-- whether that’s through blogs covering current fashion trends, or in-depth articles on financing a circular economy (the latter from personal experience).

Blogging allows you to tell your brand story through informative articles that not only solidify your brand as an expert in your customer’s minds, but also attracts more potential customers to your site, who otherwise wouldn’t have found your brand.

How Will a Blog Benefit Your Business?

If you spend any time at all researching content marketing, you’ll be bombarded with articles telling you the importance of having a blog for your business, without telling you how blogs work to attract customers and improve your brand. That’s both because the answer is quite simple… and quite complicated.

To start, here are the main reasons blog articles are great content marketing:

  • Low investment and high return

The start-up costs for a blog are minimum, and practically nothing if you already have a website. If you are writing your own blogs, calculate how valuable your time is so you understand the actual cost, and opportunity cost. If you have the funds, there are many ways to upgrade your blog as you go, such as hiring a freelance writer, paying for ads boosting your articles, and more.

  • You can showcase your personal expertise

Having in-depth blogs on your business topic shows your potential and returning customers that you are an expert in your field, and they should continue to follow your brand for helpful insight and products.

  • More time spent on your website leads to more purchases

The longer someone spends on your website, the more likely they are to learn more about your brand, click around your site, and purchase a product. Blog articles are a great way to get potential customers to your site for the first time, and a way to continuously engage with your current clients.

  • There is ample opportunity for SEO and keyword integration

The key to a great blog is SEO and keyword integration, which will help your article show up at the top of the list when your potential customers search for your business topic in search engines. Blogs are an easy way to utilize these techniques, because you can fit multiple keywords and phrases in an article, include links to other articles as well as your own website content, and more.

Here’s where it gets a little tricky: you can’t reap the full benefits of a blog if you don’t utilize the necessary tools and follow current SEO standards. Because most business owners don’t have the time or resources to constantly follow up with current marketing trends, let alone have the skills to write engaging, branded content, they won’t be able to maintain a success business blog.

Hiring a Professional Blog Writer

Blogging may have been anyone’s game in the early 2000’s, but only the best of the best can make it to the top of search engines and get in front of potential customers in 2021. Hiring a professional freelance writer to curate high-quality content marketing for your blog ensures your hard work and investment pays off, instead of getting lost on the third page of a search result.

If you’re just starting out, or don’t have the funds to hire a professional for your business blog just yet, that’s okay! Getting started is essential no matter what you choose to do in the future. If you enjoy writing and are passionate about your business topic, you have what you need to begin your blog.

Create Your Blog

If your brand doesn’t already have a website, now is your chance. Choose a domain provider (my favorite is Wix, ala this blog, but Squarespace is a close contender), customize your site, and get to writing! It should be simple to add a blog section to an already existing website-- just make sure to format it to match the rest of your pages; brand cohesiveness is important.

Tip: Don’t make it complicated. A blog is simply a home for your articles; no one is likely to pay much attention to the landing page or layout, unless it makes it more difficult to access the content. Make it clean and simple, and you’re good to go.

Create a Brand Guide… Before Writing Anything

A brand guide is like your own, personal brand bible with everything relating to your business. Your mission, your brand voice, your intended audience… everything you need in order to write engaging blog articles.

You’ll create a nightmare for yourself if you start writing blog articles before you create your brand guide, only to realize your writing style was way different than your brand voice. Save yourself the headache, and determine your brand story, voice, and mission before you write.

Tip: Choose a brand color and design templates. I’ll say it again: brand cohesiveness is important. If you really want to make your blog look cohesive, choose your brand colors as well as a few templates for any blog graphics you use. This way, everything will have a distinctive look your customers will come to recognize over time.

Write Multiple Blog Articles

Your goal is to keep potential customers on your site for as long as possible, which isn’t going to be very long if you only have one or two articles up. Write a line-up of strong articles you feel best represent your brand and voice, and publish them together. When you unveil your blog and customers begin visiting your site, they’ll have ample content to explore.

Tip: Get inspiration from your current customers. Your current customers are your best source of information on how others see and interact with your brand. If you have a good client base already, reach out to some of your customers or make a survey, and see what kind of content they are looking for that you can provide them.

Hire a Professional (if you can)

There are many opportunities for you to employ expert help as you begin a blog for your business. Hiring even one or two of these professionals can help boost your content and increase the success of your blogs.

Whether you hire a web designer, brand strategist, freelance writer, graphic designer, or editor, you will have a larger chance to reap the benefits of loyal, engaged customers.

In Conclusion...

No matter how you go about starting a blog for your business this year, integrating unique content marketing will help to boost your brand and gain more potential clients-- a New Year’s resolution we can all get on board with! If you need more tips and tricks on how to create an amazing business blog, visit the JSSWrites blog; we have many resources for companies and business owners.

Hey, do you need an amazing freelance writer?

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