5 Reasons Realtors Need a Professional Writer

Writing might not seem like a large component of being a successful real estate agent, but most agents can tell you: the time spent writing emails, listing remarks, reports, social media posts, and other admin paperwork far outweighs the time spent showing homes and running open houses. While real estate agents might have been able to get away with writing their professional copy themselves only a few years ago, it is becoming far more commonplace for realtors to hire professional real estate freelance writers to create the necessary content.

What is a real estate freelance writer?

If you aren't familiar with the concept of freelance writing, it is easy enough to understand. Freelance writers, in general, are usually self-employed writers contracted by multiple companies and/or individuals for different writing tasks. Most freelance writers specialize in certain categories, including real estate writing. If you're not sure what a freelance writer could do for your real estate business, here are a few of the most popular writing projects JSSWrites assists with:

Popular Real Estate Freelance Writing Services:

  • SEO Blog Articles

  • Written Web Content

  • Property Descriptions

  • Social Media Content

  • Marketing Flyers

  • Email Newsletters

  • Script Writing

  • Lead Emailing

  • Proofing & Editing

  • General copywriting

Working with a specialized real estate freelance writer means you'll be getting someone who knows the best SEO and keyword practices for real estate, which is important for awareness and engagement. What many real estate agents who aren't employing a professional real estate freelance writer don't realize is that it's one of the best business decisions they could make to boost their brand visibility and gain more leads. Here's why:

1. Your content will be strategically written.

There are only so many things you can keep up with when you're working in real estate, and that probably doesn't include the most up-to-date industry standards when it comes to website copywriting, real estate articles, and more. A good freelance writer will utilize professional techniques to strategically appeal to your audience and do in-depth research to provide engaging, unique content that attracts readers and generates leads for your real estate business. Working with an expert writer means that every piece of content you pay for is written with your location, audience, and goals in mind. If that is something you struggle to do with your content on a regular basis, hiring a professional real estate freelance writer is something worth considering.

2. SEO and keyword research will increase visitors.

The in-depth research freelance writers do when creating articles and other content is heavily centered around SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization. In short, it's critical for articles to follow SEO guidelines, as it greatly improves the chances of the article appearing at the top of Google's search list. Ensuring content is search engine optimized can vary from project to project but usually entails thorough research, including keyword research, headline analyzers, subtopic research, link integration, and more.

In this digital age, it is essential to learn the basics of SEO to enhance your marketing. A freelance writer will help give your content this edge it needs to reach your audience; learn more about SEO in this awesome guide from Moz.com.

3. You gain valuable lead-generation time.

This is a no brainer: when a dedicated writer is working on creating your social media posts, property descriptions, blog posts, and more, you are going to have far more time actually pursuing real estate, instead of getting slugged-down with marketing and administrative tasks. Time is money in every job, but it's especially true in this hot real estate market. Hiring a real estate writer will more than pay off when it's bringing in leads and boosting your sales and giving you the time to pursue strong leads.

4. Amazing listing marketing will attract home-sale leads.

It's important to spend allocated time and/or money investing in listing promotions and marketing-- even if you're in a hot seller's market and you know the property is going to sell quickly. Think of your listing marketing not just as something to sell the property, but an advertisement to your followers that you're busy and listing awesome properties! If someone is impressed by an amazing ad for one of your listings, they are definitely going to think of you when it comes to choosing an agent, because they know what you can do to get their property exposure.

5. Your content can earn you side-income.

While your content won't be the center of your business as a real estate agent, it's never a bad idea to have a diversified income stream. With the right freelance writer, you have the opportunity to turn your content into sources of revenue at the same time it brings you more real estate leads.

Monetizing your real estate blog, podcast, and/or Youtube channel is a great way to earn money for all of your content, long after it has been written by your hired freelance writer. That means if your content is property monetized, it can pay for itself with the ad income it generates on your website and social profiles.

How to monetize your...



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How to Find Your Real Estate Freelance Writer

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