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Jordan S. is the writer behind JSSWrites. After 5 years of writing web content for brand blogs and business websites throughout various jobs, she launched JSSWrites in 2020 to make writing her full-time career. Storytelling is her lifelong passion, and she loves working with brands to help them achieve big with their content marketing strategy. 

What makes JSSWrites different?

Most copywriting services offer bare-bones content from a pool of writers who don't have one-on-one experience with or knowledge of your brand. That makes for some pretty generic, bland content. 

With JSSWrites, you work directly with the writer to ensure your unique brand voice and strategy are taken into account. We are passionate about writing authentic web copy that captures the heart and personality of the brands we work with.

More than that, we believe articles should never read as sales pitches or a jumble of unnatural keywords. Through thoughtful keyword integration, engaging storytelling, and calls-to-action, our articles and web copy will engage your audience and convert to sales.

Ready to level up your web copy?